Monthly Archive: May 2017

May 29

Camping in Komodo Park (Subtitle: Being chased by a Komodo Dragon when it’s that time of the month)

Visiting the Komodo Dragons has been a long-time dream of mine.  There’s something so interesting about seeing the deadly world’s largest lizard.  They have a poisonous venom that kills large prey slowly and then the dragon can eat the animal, bones and all.  Komodos typically eat once a month and will eat 80% of their …

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May 22

Long Layover in Taipei (Subtitle: Taipei 101)

You gotta love long layovers.  It sometimes allows a twofer on a longer trip.  I had previously flown through Taipei, Taiwan but the layover was too short to go outside.  On my way to Indonesia, I had a whopping 19 hour overnight layover in Taipei. Getting to downtown takes 35-50 minutes depending if you take …

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May 08

Fun Things to do in Huntsville, Alabama (Subtitle: I heart HSV?)

When planning a vacation, Huntsville isn’t at the top of many lists, but maybe it should be.  For a 200,000 population, the city has a home town, relaxed feel.  And the city has the highest per capita of Ph.D’s, a huge art scene, and friendly population so it’s a great place to mingle with the …

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May 07

Top Things to do in Nashville (Subtitle: Music City, USA)

Nashville is Music City USA, but also party central USA.  There are endless concerts, tours, sporting events to keep a person busy for days.  I had the pleasure to spent 4 days and 4 nights there.  Even as a solo female, I was able to meet lots of people and have a fun time. A …

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May 03

Visiting Lynchburg Tennessee (Subtitle: I DO know Jack!)

If you want to get out of Nashville for a day and see a bit of the countryside, Lynchburg, TN is a good destination.  I rented a car for the day and headed south to Lynchburg, home of Jack Daniel’s Whisky and a cute little town with a population of 361. The quickest route is …

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