January 2018 archive

Jan 09

Danakil Depression Tour (Like Yellowstone on LSD – How I stared into an active volcano and lived to talk about it)

One of the fastest growing tourist destinations is the out of the world destination of the Danakil Depression.  Now I’ve never tried LSD, but the sites and colors of Danakil are what I’d image Yellowstone might look if someone was on LSD.  National Geographic has called it the “cruelest place on earth” but I found …

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Jan 02

Arba Minch Travel (A break between the lakes)

Arba Minch, which means “Forty Springs” is a cool college town on your way to Omo Valley.  It’s to the west of two lakes, and comprised two sections – a northern and southern town, known as Sikela and Shecha, respectively.  It’s worth taking a break and spending at least a day or two in this …

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