Mar 16

Troll Road, not Toll Road (Destination: Alesund, Norway)

Traveled July, 2014

We had booked another full day bus ride with our friends from Cruise Critic.  On this date, we had a bus ride on the loop through the Trollsteigen, or so called “Troll Road” of Norway.  There are many stories of trolls in Norway – as little children were told they would be kidnapped by these creatures that could hide as stone.

It was a long drive on what started out as a very gray day.  We drove by fish farms and thru looooong tunnels.

We were worried that we wouldn’t have nice views but the further up the mountain, the clearer it got.  It was amazing as the bus snaked its way up the very sharp switchbacks and past a thundering waterfall to the very nice viewpoint at the top.


We drove down thru a valley and stopped at another waterfall before having lunch at a berry farm.

In town, we drove to the town viewpoint.

Since the ship was not departing until 10 pm, I got on the ship for a quick dinner and then headed out to the town with Heather, a woman that lives in east Bay, in California.

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