Mar 25

The Tallest Waterfall in the World (Destination: Angel Falls, Venezuela)

Traveled Sept, 2009
We had the rest of the afternoon to enjoy this area.  There was a very lovely lagoon with a white sand beach and the reddest water I have ever seen – red from the minerals in the earth.  Sapo falls fell into this lagoon, along with several other falls.

We swam in the lagoon and in late afternoon, we had a hiking tour to see some of the other falls, including a walk behind one of them.

In the morning, we were shuttled to the river above the falls

and we got in a motorized canoe that took over 4 hours to the base of Angel Falls.  We had several stops along the way to swim in a small waterfall and have lunch.

At Angel Falls, we hiked up the muddy hill to the base of the falls.  Angel Falls actually has two falls – the long drop of the upper falls along with a shorter, wider lower falls.  We were able to swim at the base.

At night time, it was completely dark as we slept in our hammocks.

The next morning I got up to view the falls at sunrise.

This was followed by breakfast, boat ride down river, and flight back to Ciudad Bolivar.

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