Mar 31

4 day in Beijing (I’m in the 1%!)

Beijing marks the end of the Trans-Mongolian railway of our train ride from Ulaanbaatar.  Upon arrival in Beijing, we had a very busy 4 days in Beijing.  With 4 days in Beijing, you can see all of the following:

  •  Temple of Heaven

  • Great Wall of China – we chose to visit the Mutianyu section of the wall as several of the sections closer to Beijing are notoriously busy.  The cool thing about this section is that you can cable car up or down, saving you a steep hike, and you can take an alpine slide down!  Funny Story: a Chinese family set off before me and the guide made me wait a long time – I was getting too impatient.  But a few minutes into the ride, I discovered why… the family was braking all the way down and going way too slow.  It was silly slow, but at least I got to enjoy a few minutes of thrills.

  • Summer Palace – the highlight of this place was the little village built on the canal.

  • Many Parks

  • Dumpling night at the hostel & Peking Duck – the hostel made the yummiest dumplings – all we could eat.  And some of the folks went out for Peking Duck one night.

  • Forbidden City – this place is massive.  Insider Tips: at the time I visited, you could only enter at the southern entrance.  Just avoid the bathrooms and the pedi-cap drivers at the northern exit.

  • Tiananmen Square – check out this smog!

4 days in Beijing Beijing smog

  • The night market where you can eat lots of creepy crawlies
  • Dinner on Ghost Street, full of it’s red lamps.  We were going for a late dinner so we had McD’s as a mid afternoon snack.

Once the smog cleared, it was actually a nice day.

4 days in Beijing

What amazed me about China was the vast number of Chinese tourists and lack of western tourists.  Even though we were in the high season, in my 4 days in Beijing it felt like only 1% of the tourists were from western countries.

Traveled Aug, 2012

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