Mar 16

Cruise Ships invade Norway! (Destination: Bergen, Norway)

Traveled July, 2014

There were scheduled to be 9 cruise ships in Bergen today so we found ourselves docked in a shipping yard with a free shuttle to the center of the city.  We did our own walking tour of the town, stopping in the central park,

walking the pedestrian shopping street, and looking at all the interesting seafood at the fish market.

We stopped for a bit in the old wooden part of town – now mostly shops.  There were some interesting slopes of the buildings and staircases due to the age of these wooden buildings.

We also checked out a local supermarket to buy some chocolates – salted licorice chocolate anyone?

From there we walked through an arty area of town & visited the local cathedral.


For some reason Norwegians love food in tubes.  These things crack me up!

That night on the ship, they had a special American themed concert in the foyer and later had a red, white, and blue party in the night club.  It was a shame they didn’t spring for a few fireworks 🙂

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