Mar 25

Bogota Colombia (A Change in Plans)

I was feeling homesick by the time I got to Bogota Colombia.  The heat of the coast had worn me down.  I was missing my boyfriend back home.  So, I decided to see some sites in Bogota and possibly see if I could fly home early.  I visited the main sites of Bogota – the Cerro de Monserrate view point and Plaza de Bolivar near my hostel, with it’s huge Christmas tree.

Bogota Colombia

The hostel took us out to play a local sport that involved tossing stones at gun-powder laced wet clay targets.  It was a lot of fun!

I had heard about the tourist train from Bogota to the Salt Cathedral so I made this trip.  Interestingly enough, I was the only foreigner on this train…the rest were Colombians enjoying the weekend.  It was a fun trip.  There was a band on the train that moved from car to car to play some songs.

I spent the remainder of my days hanging around Bogota.  I visited several museums, including the fascinating “Gold Museum”.

I hung out at the mall and saw a couple movies.  By this time, I realized standby at Christmas time wasn’t going to get me home so I decided to wait for Marie and Hank to arrive.  Due to Hank’s job, he was able to get a deep discount on a nice hotel so I planned to join them.  I duplicated some of the sites I had seen earlier with them – specifically the mountain and Gold Museum.  Also, with 3 of us, we hired a taxi for the day and drove out to the Salt Cathedral.  This time, there was enough time to take the salt mine tour.  Next, we drove over to Guavita, a crater lake that is legendarily the location of El Dorado, or the lost city of gold.  We hiked up to the crater rim, inviting our driver to come with us.  He had driven here several times but never had had a chance to see the lake himself.

Later, Marie and Hank flew home from Bogota, but I had more than a week to remain in Colombia so it was time to get out of Bogota.

Traveled Dec, 2009

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