Mar 25

Muddy on the Coast (Destination: Cartagena, Colombia)

Traveled Dec, 2009

Before researching for this trip, I didn’t know a lot about Cartegena.  As a youngster, it evoked imaged of the film “Romancing the Stone” where the sister was kidnapped and held in Cartegena.  My friends Marie and Hank had flown directly to Cartegena and I met them there in the morning.

We took an afternoon trip in an open air bus to the Castillo San Felipe where we climbed the walls and in the tunnels beneath this fortification.

I was most interested in visiting the Volcan de Lodo El Totumo (the “Mud Volcano”).  We took a short tour to the volcano where we climbed the stairs and slowly made our way into the thick mud pool.  We completely covered ourselves in mud and we paid a few bucks for some local ladies to give us mud massages.  Upon exiting, the local boys used water to wash us the mud off, but to tell the truth, it would take a couple days of showers to completely remove the mud.

In Cartagena, we walked around the walled city and visited a couple museums.

Particularly pleasant was sitting at a bar on the western wall of the city and watching the sunset as we drank Sangrias.

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