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Oct 15

Harar Ethiopia (Where I Fed a Wild Hyena and Got a Man Arrested)

Harar Ethiopia is one of the most interesting places to visit in Ethiopia, but it gets much fewer visits than the major sites in the north and south. I had a pretty crazy time here from feeding hyenas, to attempting to visit a brewery, and inadvertently getting someone arrested!  Read more to find out why. …

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Aug 06

One Week in Ubud, Bali (Get Me Outta Here!)

Ubud is the cultural and geographical heart of Bali.  Tourism boomed after the book and movie “Eat, Pray, Love” and how could a single girl not want to look like Julia Roberts and fall in love with Javier Bardem in the rice fields?  Come to think of it, I did see a disproportionate number of …

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Jul 08

Padangbai (Bali’s Secret Hidden in Plain Sight)

Everyday, 1000’s of Indonesians and tourists pour through the streets of the small coastal town of Padangbai.  Many take the local’s ferry to Nusa Penida or Lombok.  But even more go from shuttle bus to speedboat ferry to one of the three “Gili” Islands, or vice versa.  Less than 10% of the tourists choose to …

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Jul 04

Timor Leste Travel Tips – general tips and thoughts after my 8 day stay

In my last post, I called Timor Leste “Frustratingly Fantastic”.  The following post may seem extremely negative on Timor Leste, but I’m so happy I had a chance to visit the country and would definitely consider going back someday.  These are my Timor Leste Travel Tips…   General Tips The official currency is the US …

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Jun 22

Timor Leste Travel (My Crazy Journey to Jaco Island)

If I had to choose two words for Timor Leste Travel (formerly East Timor), it would be “Frustratingly Fantastic”.  As the newest country in Asia – it just turned 15 years old – it’s building its infrastructure.  There are very few tourists in this beautiful country, so traveling around isn’t so easy.  But the natural …

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Jun 20

Kupang to Dili Bus (Now even see more of West Timor)

There are no direct flights from Kupang to Dili, even though they are the capitals and largest islands on the two halves of Timor Island, West Timor (Indonesia) and Timor Leste (formerly “East Timor”).  Possibly the best way to go from Kupang to Dili is to take the Kupang to Dili Bus, or shuttle bus …

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Jun 08

West Timor Tour (How to See More in West Timor)

West Timor is generally off the tourists’ radar when in Indonesia.  Other islands such as Java, Bali, Lombok, and Sumatra are thousands of times more likely to be visited to Timor.  That was part of my draw to this area, as I was looking to get off the tourist trail.  It’s difficult to do this …

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May 08

Fun Things to do in Huntsville, Alabama (I heart HSV?)

When planning a vacation, Huntsville isn’t at the top of many lists, but maybe it should be.  For a 200,000 population, the city has a home town, relaxed feel.  And the city has the highest per capita of Ph.D’s, a huge art scene, and friendly population so it’s a great place to mingle with the …

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May 07

Top Things to do in Nashville (Music City, USA)

Nashville is Music City USA, but also party central USA.  There are endless concerts, tours, sporting events to keep a person busy for days.  I had the pleasure to spent 4 days and 4 nights there.  Even as a solo female, I was able to meet lots of people and have a fun time.  There …

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May 03

Visiting Lynchburg Tennessee (I DO know Jack!)

If you want to get out of Nashville for a day and see a bit of the countryside, Lynchburg, TN is a good destination.  I rented a car for the day and headed south to Lynchburg, home of Jack Daniel’s Whisky and a cute little town with a population of 361. The quickest route is …

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