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Things to Do in Ensenada While on Cruise (One Day in Ensenada, Mexico)

So you’re on a cruise on Princess or Celebrity from California to Hawaii and back, or one of Carnival’s short little 3 or 4 day jaunts from Los Angeles to Catalina Island.   But there’s this pesky law called the Jones Act.  The Jones Act requires cruise ships that travel within the USA, including Hawaii, must …

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The 11 Disadvantages of Blogging – The Dirty Truth About Blogging

Have you already run across one or more of the multitudes of articles (aka advertisements) that perpetuate the myth that you can make bunch of money from blogging.  How your life will be awesome, how you can travel whenever and wherever you want and make loads of money while doing it.  The truth is, a …

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Things to Do in Kosovo – A 3-Day Kosovo Itinerary

Prizren Kosovo

Kosovo is the newest country in Europe and there are lots of great sites packed into this little country.  If you have limited time, you can do the best things to do in Kosovo in this 3-Day Kosovo Itinerary, which includes a 48-hour car rental. This is a Kosovo Travel Blog of what I was able …

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Solo Camping – How to Not be Scared

I’ve now been solo camping in my van on and off for over a year.  I’ve had some seen some incredible things like the wildlife in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, wildflowers in Bighorn National Recreation Area, and loved hanging out with the locals in Bombay Beach, CA.  I also had some adventures in the van …

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What to See in Kauai in One Day (Kauai One Day Itinerary)

Waimea Canyon

If you’re on a cruise ship or just short on time, there are many things to do on Kauai, Hawaii.  While helicopter rides look amazing, they are not friendly to the budget and aren’t the safest activity (I met a guy on my cruise ship that had a neck brace due to an accident on …

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The Two Best Free Travel Apps that work when disconnected from Data or Wi-fi that will change the way you Travel

Are you a techie?  I’m not. At all.  I only got my first smart phone about 7 years ago.  Previously when I traveled, I relied on paper maps, Lonely Planet Guides, memory, and intuition to get around a new place.  But technology has made traveling life better.  Here is my early Christmas present to you …

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Sleeping at Heathrow Airport – A regrettable night

Unfortunately, I am writing this post while I’m sitting wide awake in the middle of the night in London Heathrow.  As I start this post, it’s 2:53 am at my original destination (Bulgaria) and 0:53 am in London.  I’m so tired, and really wish I were sleeping at Heathrow Airport right now but instead I’m …

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Is the Bratislava Card Worth It?

The city tourism board of Bratislava, Slovakia now offers the “Bratislava Card” covering many attractions and city and regional transportation.  It’s offered in 24, 48, and 72-hour versions.  Is the Bratislava Card worth it? Answer: If you’re in Bratislava for 1-day, it may be worth it if you plan on visiting many museums and you’d …

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Cerveny Kamen Castle

Cerveny Kamen

Cerveny Kamen Castle, or Hrad Cerveny Kamen, is a wonderfully preserved and displayed castle that’s one of the easiest and best day trips from Bratislava. Cerveny Kamen Tour You must take a tour to enter the castle.  The standard tour is 60 minutes.  Only a couple sections of the castle and the gardens may be …

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Why You Shouldn’t Travel to Indonesia if You’re FAT

I have been overweight pretty much my entire adult life.  I’m forever on a diet and every once in a while, can squeeze into my skinny clothes for a few days before I start gaining weight again.  It’s a constant battle…. I’m sure I’ve gained and lost 1000s of pounds in my life.  But it …

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