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Oct 19

Getting to Somaliland (A Bombed Embassy, a President’s Welcome, and Drug Trafficking)

Getting to Somaliland is no easy task.  We had an adventure from the obtaining of the visa to getting to the border and onto Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland where we would spend a few nights. Before getting to far into this story, I should mention the importance of khat (pronounced “kat”) in this region …

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Oct 10

Addis Ababa Safety (How My Travel Companion was Pickpocketed Twice in Less than Two Hours)

I had read warnings about pickpockets and Addis Ababa safety but didn’t realize how bad it really was until I saw multiple pickpocket attempts on myself and my travel partner for this part of the trip…in just the first two hours.  Yes, my travel companion managed to have his camera and cell phone stolen, in …

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Sep 15

Chase Sapphire Reserve Review (How I flew to Bali for FREE!)

2017 is a big travel year for me.  It was the inception of this travel blog.  I traveled to Michigan, Nashville, Huntsville, Indonesia, Timor Leste and will soon be traveling to Ethiopia and Djibouti this fall.  I often get asked for travel advice, including money matters, and a little over a year ago I applied …

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Sep 01

How to Save Money on a Cruise (Why the cruise lines HATE me)

How to Save Money on a Cruise

I LOVE boats and cruises.  From small expedition trips like the one I took in the Philippines, to ferry rides, to wildlife spotting expeditions to see whales and bears.  But most people who think of cruises immediately think of the mega-ships.  Well, I like those too and here are some tips from a very frugal, …

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Jul 04

Timor Leste Travel Tips – general tips and thoughts after my 8 day stay

In my last post, I called Timor Leste “Frustratingly Fantastic”.  The following post may seem extremely negative on Timor Leste, but I’m so happy I had a chance to visit the country and would definitely consider going back someday.  These are my Timor Leste Travel Tips…   General Tips The official currency is the US …

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Mar 04

Dubai for a Day (Destination: Dubai)

Traveled Nov, 2015 Emirates Airlines had a great deal that got me JFK to MLE, MLE to CMB, and CMB to JFK for $1,040.  What a deal.  The flight to Male, Maldives had a 10 hour layover in Dubai.  The aircraft from JFK to Dubai was an A380, and somehow I ended up with my …

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Feb 28

Lisa’s Trade-marked Questionnaire for Travel Compatibility

In 2012, I met someone on the internet that independently wanted to ride the TransMongolian railway.  This had been a longtime dream but I was not happy with the itineraries and prices of group trips.  I met E on a travel companion website and we talked about taking 24 days to go from St. Petersburg, …

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Feb 24


If you would like a $40 discount on your first Airbnb stay, please click HERE.  (full disclosure: I get a $20 credit) I LOVE Airbnb.  I’ve had some really great experiences and you can too. I stayed on this amazing docked sailboat in Islamorada in the Florida Keys.  I grilled some fish and mixed some …

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Feb 24

What is a hot flash?

Come on now… did you really need to click on this link??? The wiki definition.

Feb 24

What is a Flashpacker?

Flashpacker means different things to different people.  For me, flashpacker means a backpacker who goes a little “flash” – not always staying in the cheapest place, or taking the cheapest form of transportation.  While I like to travel on a budget, and have done really well on a budget, as I get older I’m willing …

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