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Oct 15

Harar Ethiopia (Where I Fed a Wild Hyena and Got a Man Arrested)

Harar Ethiopia is one of the most interesting places to visit in Ethiopia, but it gets much fewer visits than the major sites in the north and south. I had a pretty crazy time here from feeding hyenas, to attempting to visit a brewery, and inadvertently getting someone arrested!  Read more to find out why. …

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Jul 30

Nusa Penida (Hottest New Spot off of Bali)

The 2016 edition of Indonesia Lonely Planet says of Nusa Penida: “Largely overlooked by tourists, Nusa Penida awaits discovery.  It’s an untrammeled place that answers the question: what would Bali be like if tourists never came?”.  Well, that was the wording in the previous editions and it makes me seriously wonder if LP skipped visiting …

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May 29

Camping in Komodo Park (Being chased by a Komodo Dragon when it’s that time of the month)

Visiting the Komodo Dragons has been a long-time dream of mine.  There’s something so interesting about seeing the deadly world’s largest lizard.  They have a poisonous venom that kills large prey slowly and then the dragon can eat the animal, bones and all.  Komodos typically eat once a month and will eat 80% of their …

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Apr 08

Winnipeg Manitoba (The Short Journey to Churchill)

Anyone on their way to or from Churchill should definitely consider a stop in Winnipeg Manitoba.  Visiting the zoo is a nice companion to your Polar Bear excursions in Churchill, and you can see bears up close and personal.  There are plenty of other things to do. Arrival in Winnipeg We arrived in the very …

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Apr 07

Swimming Polar Bear in Hudson Bay (Polar Bear Plunge)

While on a zodiac boat to snorkel with beluga whales in Churchill, Manitoba, I was lucky to witness a swimming polar bear in the Hudson Bay. Yeah… I see YOU!

Apr 07

Things to do in Churchill, Manitoba (Belugas, and Borealis, and Bears, Oh My!)

In August 2015, I was lucky to get a chance to visit Churchill in Summer.  The following are my suggested things to do in Churchill as I took a trip to Churchill in August. Take the Train to Churchill Upon train arrival in Churchill, the friendly Tundra Inn van met us passengers.  They hauled us …

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Apr 01

Visiting Chernobyl Exclusion Zone – Soloeast Tour (Chernobyl Diaries)

Most people visiting Chernobyl do so in a whirlwind 1-day tour from Kyiv, with 2 hours diving each way.  It’s also possible to do longer trips, but these are much more expensive and for those that have a deep interest in Chernobyl.  My friend and I decided to do the middle trip – a 2-day …

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Mar 26

Gobi(g) or Go Home (Destination: Gobi Desert Trip, Mongolia)

If visiting Mongolia, and absolute must is a Gobi Desert Trip.  I met a few ladies on the internet and we booked a trip through Khonghor Guesthouse. Our group of 5 ladies, a driver, guide, and our Russian van stopped to stock up on groceries in the capital city before we slowly made our way …

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Mar 25

Los Roques Venezuela (Caribbean Paradise)

A Caribbean Paradise in a chaotic country is Los Roques Venezuela. Los Roques Venezuela is accessed via a short flight to Gran Roque from Caracas. There were incredible views while flying into the islands. This would be my first time in the Caribbean and it did not disappoint.  The site of the islands, beaches, and …

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Mar 24

Palau (Snorkeling with Jellyfish in the Rock Islands)

The most famous tourist site in Palau is arguably the Jellyfish Lake.  It’s one of only a few marine lakes in the world that are home to stingless Jellyfish and you can go Snorkeling with Jellyfish.  At the time I visited, there were only 2 such discovered or known lakes in the world in Palau …

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