Mar 25

Orinoco Flow (Destination: Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela)

Traveled Sept, 2009


After our second week of work, we said goodbye to our Venezuelan co-workers and set off on our 1 week trip to see the highlights of Venezuela.

We first were to catch a flight to the city of Ciudad Bolivar.  We had tickets to this flight but when we got on the plane, we discovered our seats, E & F, didn’t exist on this particular plane (they had A, B, C, and D).  Upon talking to the flight attendants, they made a couple move and we had seats – I’m not sure if they booted some people from the plane or if we were all lucky enough to get seats.  We stayed at a really lovely guesthouse in C. B.

and could overlook the Orinoco river from the roof of the guesthouse.  

After breakfast, we transferred to the airport where Jimmy Angel’s airplane was set as a memorial outside.  

I had always thought the Angel Falls was named for angels, but no…it was named for Jimmy Angel who supposedly “discovered” the falls…if you ignore the indigenous people who had lived there for ages.  We boarded a 6-seater airplane and flew to a tiny airstrip in the middle of the jungle, with views of all the water and table mountains below.

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