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Dubai for a Day (Destination: Dubai)

Traveled Nov, 2015

Emirates Airlines had a great deal that got me JFK to MLE, MLE to CMB, and CMB to JFK for $1,040.  What a deal.  The flight to Male, Maldives had a 10 hour layover in Dubai.  The aircraft from JFK to Dubai was an A380, and somehow I ended up with my whole row… that’s 3 whole seats from aisle to window!!!!  It was almost like flying in first class but paying coach prices.  Leaving JFK was this sunset.

Arrival in Dubai was early afternoon.

Several weeks before the trip, I had purchased the “At the Top” ticket to the (almost) top of the Burj Kalifa, the world’s tallest building (as of 2016 that is).  I jumped on the metro and headed to the Burj.  From here it’s a very long walk, all indoors, to the huge mall.  My flight was a little late so I had to speed walk to make my appointment time of 3pm, but got there just in time.

After a short wait, I was in the elevator going to the 124th floor.  There were two floors accessible under my ticket, the lower floor had an outdoor patio, but with a really high glass railing, probably to discourage jumpers.  The views from here were amazing.  I got to enjoy in daytime:

Notice the shadow of the Burg:

There are some displays on the top floor, but I most thought the ceiling design was photogenic:

Sunset is great:

And finally night.

The bright lights on the ground are from the nightly fountain show.

After I enjoyed the daylight, sunset, and night, I headed down to the mall.  It was interesting to see this mall with contrasts in the Middle East.  Emirate men in full garb eating at Five Guys Burgers.  Decorations that looked like Christmas décor, including a giant gingerbread house.  Out the back of the tower is a view of the tower itself and lighted fountain show.

I watched two rounds of the show and then headed back to the airport to have free dinner with my meal voucher from Emirates air.  Not only do they have spectacular service on board, if you have a long layover you get a free meal voucher.


Insider Tip for Burj Kalifa:  buy a ticket for 1-2 hours before sunset.  The times to go up are strictly adhered to the time on your ticket, but you can go down at any time you want so you can see daylight, sunset, and night scenes on one ticket.

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