Mar 26

Beijing Night Market (Eating Creepy Crawlies)

You can’t visit Beijing without stopping at the most famous market where you can eat Creepy Crawlies.  Here are my Adventures at the Beijing Night Market!

Beijing Night Market

Treats from the sea, including whole starfish!

Not sure how you eat these fish.

Beijing Night Market

Centipedes, skinned snakes, and spiders, oh my!

Look how big these things are!


Scorpions. I gotta try this!

Scorpion going in…

That’s not so bad!

Look at all the choices. What next?

That scorpion wasn’t so bad. Let’s try this silkworm pupae.

Still smiling. It’s about to go in!

Um, this is disgusting!

I think I’m going to throw up!

Something to wash it down with. Tea with dry ice!

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