Mar 25

In the Nest (Destination: El Nido, Philippines)

Traveled Nov, 2011

I got in a bit of a fight with the operators of the shuttle from Puerto Princesa.  It all started when they put me in the back seat.  Then an older French lady sat next to me and she stunk!  I couldn’t breathe and I was getting car sick so I popped the window open about a quarter of an inch.  After telling me a couple times to close it the driver’s assistant tried to kick me out in the middle of nowhere.
In El Nido, I met a Russian guy who had been staying at my hostel in PP so I joined him, Swedes, Austrians, and Germans for dinner and drinks on the beach.
The next day I had a great breakfast at the town bakery and then went out on “Tour A”, at a total cost of about $16.  There were only 5 women + our 2 guides – 2 ladies from Sweden and 2 American Optometrists…one from Seattle!  Our day was amazing.  We swam in a lagoon and snorkeled all day.

We had a nice lunch of fish and pork.  In the afternoon, we had a break on 7 Commando Beach.  Amazing.

At 5pm I met the group that was going to be on my Tao Philippines tour starting the next morning and I met up with the group from the previous night for dinner on the beach.  El Nido was really a great place…at night, the beach is covered with comfy chairs and tiki torches at each restaurant.  Meals were about $5 and beers $1.  It was paradise and I wish I had spent a little more time there, but the next day I was about to start a 5-day “Cruise”

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