Mar 16

Flim-flam (Destination: Flam, Norway)

Traveled July, 2014


We had booked an afternoon ride on the Flam railway today, so we had a full morning free.  We slept in a bit and then Mom and I went for a walk in the Flam valley.  We walked a few miles to the old town to visit the old church.

Along the way back, we stopped for views of waterfalls, fishing docks, and a guy’s personal grain mill, powered by the river.

We had lunch with Dad on the ship and then the 3 of us met the group to walk over to the train station.  This was the only tour we had booked through the ship and it was probably my least favorite – it basically involved paying $45 more per person than you can buy the ticket from the station itself, but we had some ship credit to use.  This is claimed to be one of the steepest trains in the world but we were never at the sort of incline that is claimed in the ads.  The ride itself was beautiful but didn’t seem very steep at any part.

Near the top, we stopped to jump off on a platform to view a very voluminous waterfall.


Shortly after, we stopped at a hotel near the top of the hill for coffee and waffles – it was an absolute zoo of people pushing to get their waffles and hot beverages.  Someone nearly knocked me over while I had two full cups that I was taking to the table for Dad and me.  It’s a shame the ship trips are so crowded – it makes me even more appreciative of the small group tours we booked with a CC acquaintance.

We rode back down the hill by train on a much more packed train.

When we got back to the room, there was an invitation to attend a sail away on the helipad at the front of the ship so I opted to skip dinner for the view.  They served us hot chocolate as we chatted and sailed out the fjord.

Later that night, there were interesting rays of light peeking through the clouds.

We are so far north that it hasn’t gotten totally dark at night since we left Amsterdam.

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