Mar 12

Great Atlantic Road (Destination: Molde, Norway)

Traveled June, 2014

A guy from Cruise Critic had organized a full day tour today, with a bus load of others.  We took the bus north on the Great Atlantic Road, a recently built road connecting many islands with bridges that has become one of the top tourist attractions of Norway.  There are great views along this road.

You can still see Viking graveyards.

On a neighboring island, we stopped at the stave church in Kvarnes.  There are only a couple dozen of the wooden churches left in Norway, built about 500 years ago.

Lastly, we stopped in a little fishing village of Bud.  Most of the group was to have a seafood buffet, but with the large amounts of food on the boat, Mom and I decided to have a walk around the cute village.

We drove back to Molde, past the Jarlsburg cheese factory and ski jumps and stopped at the top of Mount Varden for a view of the ship and Molde town.


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