Mar 16

Most Beautiful Fjord of Norway? (Destination: Griengerfjord, Norway)


Traveled July, 2014

I had booked my parents on a hop on hop off bus plus a boat ride today and I decided to go solo to get a chance to hike up the hills of the arguably most beautiful fjord in all of Norway.  We were so lucky with the weather today – one of the sunniest days yet.

So, I hiked through town, past the church,

through a meadow, and up the hill to a llama and goat farm.

From there I hiked left and down the hill to a ledge for one of the best views of my life – the ship in the fjord with surrounding mountains was spectacular.  It’s amazing how far the ships can get to the end of these fjords – literally at the end!  For awhile I was the only person at this serene spot – it’s so nice to get away from the crowds when on a cruise.

From there I hiked back up to the farm where a big group was having a late breakfast or early lunch of waffles and continued going up the hill, passing many waterfalls.


I hiked to the other famous viewpoint in town, but this one is reachable by car and bus so certainly not as peaceful.

From there I followed the road about 2/3 of the way back to the ship and stopped off at the large fjord center that looked to be a run of the mill museum.  There was a metal boardwalk along the side of the town’s waterfall all the way back to the ship.  I looked in a few shops at then had a late lunch back on the ship.

We had a treat as we sailed out of the fjord – there is one spot where there is a waterfall on each side – on one side, the Seven Sisters Falls, with 7 distinct separate drops.  On the other side is the Suitor, a single heavier drop.  It is said that the Suitor is there to choose amongst the 7 sisters.  Music played on the boat as we did a 360 degree “donut” in the fjord with the ship.  The maneuvering of the captain is amazing.

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