Mar 05

Kandy’s Sweet, Destination: Kandy

Traveled Nov, 2015

Leaving the Cultural Triangle, we made our what thru the spice plantations.  We stopped at one where we got a free tour to see, taste, and smell lots of lovely plants and spices.  And then given a chance to purchase some overpriced spices ourselves.

As we continued to Kandy there were some interesting things to see.

In Kandy we parked the car so we could see the major sites.  We had a very cheap lunch at a diner recommended by our drivers.

The Temple of the Tooth is a temple that houses the tooth of Buddha.  This tooth has been thru a lot to get here, including being smuggled in a woman’s hairdo.

That evening, we went to a packed cultural show that had dancing, acrobats and fire walking!

By 9 pm, the driver dropped off Carl and I at our cute guesthouse in the hills of Kandy and we said goodbye to Cindy who had a flight very early in the morning.

The botanical gardens was just a walk down the hill from our guesthouse.  There were some great trees at this park.

The gardens had some wildlife too.

And the flowers were colorful, especially the orchid house.

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