Mar 25

Los Roques Venezuela (Caribbean Paradise)

A Caribbean Paradise in a chaotic country is Los Roques Venezuela.

Los Roques Venezuela is accessed via a short flight to Gran Roque from Caracas.

There were incredible views while flying into the islands.

This would be my first time in the Caribbean and it did not disappoint.  The site of the islands, beaches, and reef was beautiful as we flew in.  We had arrived very early in the morning so we walked around the small town of Gran Roque and stopped at the chapel.

Los Roques Venezuela

We had an island hoping trip in the afternoon stopping at the most amazing white sand beach.  We also stopped at a sea turtle reserve where they were keeping baby sea turtles that they hoped to release someday.  They released a few as we watched.

The next day, we headed out to one of the outer islands…our own deserted island.  We snorkeled and walked on the beach.  Further down the beach was a small restaurant so we had lunch and then sat in the hammocks and had a couple beers followed by swimming on the amazing beach.

Los Roques Venezuela

Upon returning to Gran Roque, we hiked up to the highest point on the island to watch the sunset.

On Friday, since our flight was leaving in the afternoon, we went to another beach the was near the main island.

Late afternoon, we flew back to Caracas and again stayed close to the airport.  We flew home on Saturday morning after spending the remainder of our Bolivares Fuertes at the airport, the currency that is worthless outside of Venezuela (and not worth much there either).

Traveled Sept, 2009

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