Mar 26

Manizales Colombia (A White Pre-Christmas in the Tropics)

Manizales Colombia is located in the center of Colombia, in what’s known as the Coffee Region.  I stayed in a nice hostel in the city and got a private room.  I hadn’t been feeling very well.  I had sores on my feet from the heat of the coast and small cuts on my hands were not healing and I felt very sleepy.  Despite this, I made a full day trip to Los Nevados national park, hiking to the snow line on the mountain, followed by lunch and a dip in a hot spring.

The sites along the drive were amazing, from the semi-tropical coffee farms to the desert tundra at the top of the mountain.

The next morning, I made a trip to the local hospital where I was prescribed some cream for my feet and antibiotic pills.  Anti-biotics were previously over the counter in Colombia, but there had recently been more US-like restrictions on drug availability, adding to the costs.  Never-the-less, the trip to the doctor and medicine cost less than $50.  After the doctor, I caught the bus to Filadelphia, and an even smaller bus to Salento.  There were 3 other tourists on this bus – another woman traveling solo and two guys traveling together.  We had a great time on the bus.

Traveled Dec, 2009

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