Mar 25

Bright Lights, Big City (Destination: Medellin, Colombia)

Traveled Dec, 2009

Planning my itinerary around Colombia would be tricky.  I had preferred to start in the north and head south to end in Cali for the annual Salsa festival.  However, in using frequent flier miles, I could only fly to Medellin, Cali, or Bogota.  So, I decided to fly to Medellin and make a backwards “S” shape trip through the country.  Luckily, it would be the first days of Medellin’s December festival, including the lighting of the holiday displays.

I spent the day walking the city streets, including hiking a hill for a view of the city.

The artist Fernando Botero is from Medellin and many of his fat statues decorated the streets around the museum.

After dark, I checked out the festivities of the lighting of holiday displays.  There were free concerts and lots of concessions.

Later, I would catch an overnight bus to the coast.

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