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Life’s a Beach (Destination: Mirissa)

Traveled Dec, 2015

Mirissa was a tourist town on the south end of Sri Lanka.  It had a nice wide beach, nearly a Km long, and lots of guesthouses, hostels, bars, and restaurants along the beach.

Both Carl and I decided it wasn’t our scene so we set off on foot to find a better place.  We headed north to check out the port and then saw a sign to the “Secret Beach”.  We walked thru a neighborhood where several kids were yelling “give me pen” until we found the cute little beach with cold beers and a nice view.  We were hooked and we spent the rest of the afternoon here.

For dinner that night, Doug’s driver had given us the tip to eat at the Weligama Bay Villas hotel that was just a little further from Secret Beach so we headed over with plenty of daylight in time to see the WBV’s private beach – everything that Mirissa Beach is not.

The Weligama Bay Villas restaurant was on a peninsula that housed a lighthouse.  I sipped a beer as the sun went down.  And then our dinner arrived… fish masala and a crab curry.  The food was great and atmosphere was even better.  And then the bill came – $17 total for two large beers and 2 entrees – what a steal.  I can’t imagine what something like this would cost in Hawaii.

The next day we set out with Raja and the Whales in search of Blue Whales, the world’s largest whales.  It wasn’t long until some of the people that avoided the free seasickness pills were puking in the ocean – it wasn’t very pleasant.

Finally, after a couple hours the captain heard news of some whales so we sped towards the location.  There were lots of boats there and eventually we were amongst the last 2 boats.  We discovered that blue whales aren’t that interesting to watch, they spout and show their backs but we didn’t see any breaching or whale tails.

The total whale watching trip was way longer than it was supposed to be since we had to go so far.  It was an exhausting day.  With our couple hours of daylight left we went back to Secret Beach and then caught the sunset on the way back to Mirissa.

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