Mar 24

Flight Delay (Destination: Narita, Japan)

Traveled Oct, 2011

I was supposed to have a couple hours in Japan before the flight to Manila but there were storms on the east coast of the USA so the plane that was to take us to Manila was still somewhere in America.  We would have a 24 hour layover in Japan.  Luckily, Delta put us up for the night in the Radisson, with free buffet dinner and breakfast.  I met another stuck traveler – a Filipino guy who was living in the US as a merchant marine.  We had dinner together – lots of interesting Japanese mushrooms and veggies.
There was a Halloween party at the hotel that night but I was a little too jet lagged and didn’t have an interesting costume.
We had a few hours at the hotel in the morning so I had breakfast and walked around the grounds at the hotel.


Next time I get to Japan, I hope to actually see some sites!

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