Mar 12

Ye Olde Glaciers (Destination: Olden, Norway)

Traveled June, 2014

The sail up the fjord to Olden town is great.  The sunny morning highlighted the views, including a mountain that’s the Norwegian version of Half Dome.

Today I had booked my parents on a tour and I was going to catch the public bus to the Briksdal glacier.  Upon arriving, I walked with a few others into town to only find that there were no public buses on this Sunday.  So, I visited the local church

and then headed back to port to see if I could catch a private bus to the glacier.  I found the private buses were $70 per person for just a 13-mile ride to the glacier and the last bus back was quite early, leaving little time at the glacier itself.  Since my parent’s trip hadn’t left yet, I decided to meet them and see if there was room.  By chance, the 2 buses to carry 36 people that had booked from a guy from Cruise Critic were short 2 seats so they called to get a private car for the extra two, leaving a seat for me!  I’m so glad that tour was available – we paid a great price for a great day and I got to hang out with my parents more.  We drove to a nearby lake and got on an Amsterdam-style canal boat for a beautiful ride on Lake Loen.  The cruise provided views of the beautiful glacial lake, mountains, and glacier.  The weather was great until the last few minutes, when the largest rain drops I’ve ever seen started to fall.

Luckily as the rain started, we had arrived at a restaurant to enjoy waffles with homemade strawberry jam and sour cream – absolutely yummy.

From there, we drove to the base of a glacier for a short walk and a closer look at the amazing waterfalls and glacier.

There were lots of delicate wildflowers near the base of the glacier.

On the way back to the ship, we stopped at a viewpoint and a sod roof farm.

This was one of my favorite days in Norway.  That night as we sailed out the long fjord, the ship slowed down for a group of local boaters who wanted to greet our ship.  It was a small parade of small boats with cheering locals, flares, and Norwegian flags.

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