Mar 25

Santa Marta & Tayrona National Park (How I really lost my swimsuit top)

Marie, Hank, and I were going to Santa Marta for two main sites – Tayrona National Park and the 5 day “Lost City” trek.  But first we had an afternoon in the pleasant town of Santa Marta

Luckily, we decided to go to Tayrona park first, and that was enough to convince me the 5 day hike was not a good idea.

We all packed an overnight bag and our swimsuits and took a bus to the National Park entrance.  From here, it was an hour hike over rolling hills to the beaches.  It was very hot and muggy and I realized a 5 day hike in this weather & hills would not be a good idea.  Tayrona was beautiful – where the jungle meets the sea, and lovely sand beaches and coves.

Tayrona National Park Tayrona National Park

We spent a couple days at the park, and slept in hammocks in a camping shelter.  Overnight, I laid my swimsuit out to dry and someone came along and stole it while I slept.  I mentioned this in an e-mail to some co-workers and by the time I returned to the office, the rumors were flying that I had gone topless at the beach!

We returned to Santa Marta to stay at an excellent hostel and have an excellent steak dinner.  In the morning, Marie and Hank set off on the Lost City trek and I caught a full day bus to Bogota.


Traveled Dec, 2009

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