Mar 26

2 Days in St. Petersburg (Old Sankt Pete)

2 Days in St. Petersburg is just enough time to get a good taste of the city.  Ideally there would be time for more, but on this trip I had many days on the Transsiberain railway on my way to Mongolia and China and only a month to do it.

Amazing Architecture

Driving into and walking around St Pete’s was amazing…every building is the most regal, palace-like building I’ve ever seen.  It’s great to walk around town and soak up all the great architecture.

The Hermitage

The Hermitage meets its reputation as one of the best art museums in the world.  They like to share the fact that if you spend 1 minute looking at each piece of art, it will take you 8 years to complete your visit.  Luckily, it just took us most of a day.

The outside of the massive Hermitage museum

St. Petersburg Fleet Week

It was fleet week in St Pete’s so we enjoyed the sights and sounds of sailors about the city.

Church on the Spilled Blood

On day two we visited the stunningly beautiful Church on the Spilled Blood.  This place is busy so get there early.

2 Days in St. Petersburg

Canal Ride

On our last evening we took a canal ride.


Traveled July, 2012

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