Mar 12

Sea City (Destination: Stavanger, Norway)

Traveled June, 2014

We had a full day at sea before our first stop in Norway in the oil town of Stavanger.   I walked around the town with mom and dad for our own free walking tour.  Everything is within walking distance from the cruise ship port.  We stopped at a playground of recycled parts,

a tower viewpoint,

the cathedral (it was over $5 to enter so I gave this one a skip – lots of other free churches to be seen in the world),

and the old town.

The best views in town were actually from the cruise ship:

If I ever go back to Stavanger, I will visit Pulpit Rock.  I had originally wanted to do the Pulpit Rock hike but I wasn’t in the best rock hiking shape and there was a single bus/boat return trip and if you missed that, you would miss the cruise ship so I decided to not take the risk.  The handful of people from the ship that did this trip said it was a highlight of their cruise.

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