Mar 18

The Eagle Hunter of Kyrgyzstan (Graphic Content)

Warning! This post has graphic content so stop unless you want to see the untimely death of a bunny!

You could tell the Eagle Hunter loved his eagle.

I got to hold it. It was heavy – over 12 pounds. The leather hat on it’s head is to cover it’s eyes to prevent over-stimulation.

Our tour group had to provide the bunny. Here it sits not knowing what’s about to happen to it.

Meanwhile, the Eagle Hunter climbs the hill with the eagle and then releases it.

It only takes the eagle seconds to fly from the top of the hill and catch the bunny.

The talons instantly kill the bunny and the eagle digs in.

Even though the eagle wants to eat the bunny, it obeys it’s master.

The eagle still wants more rabbit.

Finally the Eagle Hunter demonstrates the skills of the eagle.

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