Feb 28

Lisa’s Trade-marked Questionnaire for Travel Compatibility

In 2012, I met someone on the internet that independently wanted to ride the TransMongolian railway.  This had been a longtime dream but I was not happy with the itineraries and prices of group trips.  I met E on a travel companion website and we talked about taking 24 days to go from St. Petersburg, Russia to Beijing, China by rail via Mongolia.  This would be a long time to travel with a complete stranger so I decided to find out if we were compatible before making a 24 day commitment.  I sent her a questionnaire and I answered it at the same time.  In the end, our answers were surprisingly similar and we were in fact good travel partners.

I recommend if you’re traveling with strangers, or even friends, that you each take this questionnaire and find out if your travel styles mesh.  Knowing before you go can ensure a good time.  When taking this questionnaire, it’s beneficial to not just answer yes/no but to go into details to measure compatibility.  When I traveled with a stranger for 24 days, our answers were nearly identical and we made very good travel partners.  Feel free to add your own.

Do you prefer cities or countryside?


Do you like to drink/go clubbing?


Do you like cultural performances?


Do you like shopping?


Do you like museums?


When/how do you prefer your meals?


How long does it take to pack/get ready in the morning?


Do you like to “sleep in” on vacation?


Do you like boat rides?


Do you like trekking/hiking?


What do you do with your down time on vacations?


Do you watch TV on vacation?


Are you willing to split for a day if we’d like to do different things?


What type of accommodations do you prefer?


What budget are you on?



Are there any questions you would add to this list?

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