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Ethiopian Food and Drink (A fun look from eating raw fish to bees in my wine)

After spending almost 6 weeks in Ethiopia, I thought it would be fun to share some of the amazing Ethiopian Food and Drink… yes, believe it or not, I drank and ate everything in this post!  I may have had a few belly aches, but it was worth it! Ethiopian Foods         …

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Omo Valley Travel (Tribes and Tribulations)

Omo Valley is becoming one of the more popular tourist destinations in Ethiopia as hundreds of tourists visit per day.  Although the scenery is quite nice, the reason all tourists come is to see the unique tribes that live in southwest Ethiopia – beautiful people with beautiful customs.  This is my guide and my verdict …

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Hawassa Travel (Relaxing by the Lake)

Hawassa, Ethiopia (also spelled Awasa and Hawasa) is the perfect place to relax on a longer trip to Ethiopia, especially when traveling to the Omo Valley.  Here are my recommendations for a romantic and/or relaxing Hawassa Travel Trip.   Fish Market The fish market is probably the top visited site in Hawassa.  It’s best to …

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Somaliland Travel (Traveling where there are no tourists)

Somaliland is an interesting place – a country but not a country.  They have been independent from Somalia, and a peaceful state, for over 25 years.  They have their own government, military, currency, and passports, but the passports are only recognized to get into their Ethiopia and Djibouti neighbors.  To go to other countries, people …

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