Mar 26

A Day in Moscow (Don’t have a Cow)

We took the first of many hours on the Russian trains from St. Petersburg to Moscow.  The trip was only 8 hours overnight and was quite comfortable and then we only had a day in Moscow before making our way further east on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

We spend the day doing our own walking tour of Moscow.  We walked around the downtown to see lots of Orthodox churches and theaters.

Red Square

Then onto Red Square.  Red Square is flanked on all sides by the Kremlin and Lenin’s tomb on the west, St Basil’s Cathedral on the south, GUM department store on the east, and an opera house on the north.

St Basil’s is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

A Day in Moscow

GUM department store

We had lunch in a cafeteria in the very posh GUM department store.  This will be our best meal in Russia – Borscht and great salads.

Behind the Kremlin was some interesting military sites and gardens.

Don’t Have a Cow

Language limits our abilities to befriend or talk to Russian people.  One thing that has happened to me a couple times in Russia is a middle-aged woman comes up and starts yelling at me in Russian.  I have no clue what they’re saying.  I’ve never experienced something like this before, but that’s the kind of thing you might experience on a day in Moscow.

Traveled Aug, 2012

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