Mar 24

Palau by Sea (Destination: Rock Islands)

Traveled Nov, 2011

On my first full day in Palau, I took a day tour to the Rock Islands.  A naval ship was in port and they were filling up many of Sam’s Tours but they put me on a private tour with a young couple from San Diego.  We snorkeled on the “Big drop off” and I saw several sharks.

We ate our box lunches at a beach and then stopped to swim with the Jellies at Jellyfish Lake.  We snorkeled more to see 7 ton giant clams and a WWII crashed airplane.

We had another stop at the “Milky Way” where we lathered up with mud and then jumped into the ocean in a big white splash!

Back at Sam’s, I had a couple of “Red Rooster” Beers – the national beer and watched an American magician put on a show for the locals and had a nice sunset.

On the second day was my kayak tour to Nikko Bay.  We saw several alligators on our way out to a hidden cove to get on our kayaks.

We swam thru a tiny opening in the rocks to a marine lake called “Disneyland Lake”.  The colors of the coral and fishes was amazing.

We kayaked into a big cave and had lunch on a wooden platform in the bay.  It was raining pretty hard so we hiked on a couple islands and stopped at a Japanese Pillbox – a bunker from WWII.  I had a few beers at Sam’s before returning to the guesthouse.

One the fourth day, I had done most of the non-scuba tours at Sam’s Tours and I had enjoyed the Rock Islands so much I wanted to go back.  This ended up being one of the most fun days of the whole trip!  There were 6 of us – a couple from Canada, 2 guys from Guam, and an airline pilot.  The pilot was hilarious.  We saw so many sharks this day and I saw a huge moray eel.  I saw even more jellyfish on this day too.  Back at Sam’s, I had a beer and then I had to go off to the airport to go back to Manila.

This island looks like Homer Simpson on his back!

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