Category: Unique Experiences

Jan 09

Danakil Depression Tour (Like Yellowstone on LSD – How I stared into an active volcano and lived to talk about it)

One of the fastest growing tourist destinations is the out of the world destination of the Danakil Depression.  Now I’ve never tried LSD, but the sites and colors of Danakil are what I’d image Yellowstone might look if someone was on LSD.  National Geographic has called it the “cruelest place on earth” but I found …

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Dec 18

Ethiopian Food and Drink (A fun look from eating raw fish to bees in my wine)

After spending almost 6 weeks in Ethiopia, I thought it would be fun to share some of the amazing Ethiopian Food and Drink… yes, believe it or not, I drank and ate everything in this post!  I may have had a few belly aches, but it was worth it! Ethiopian Foods         …

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Dec 02

Omo Valley Travel (Tribes and Tribulations)

Omo Valley is becoming one of the more popular tourist destinations in Ethiopia as hundreds of tourists visit per day.  Although the scenery is quite nice, the reason all tourists come is to see the unique tribes that live in southwest Ethiopia – beautiful people with beautiful customs.  This is my guide and my verdict …

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Nov 04

Somaliland Travel (Traveling where there are no tourists)

Somaliland is an interesting place – a country but not a country.  They have been independent from Somalia, and a peaceful state, for over 25 years.  They have their own government, military, currency, and passports, but the passports are only recognized to get into their Ethiopia and Djibouti neighbors.  To go to other countries, people …

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Oct 19

Getting to Somaliland (A Bombed Embassy, a President’s Welcome, and Drug Trafficking)

Getting to Somaliland is no easy task.  We had an adventure from the obtaining of the visa to getting to the border and onto Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland where we would spend a few nights. Before getting to far into this story, I should mention the importance of khat (pronounced “kat”) in this region …

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Oct 15

Harar Ethiopia (Where I Fed a Wild Hyena and Got a Man Arrested)

Harar Ethiopia is one of the most interesting places to visit in Ethiopia, but it gets much fewer visits than the major sites in the north and south. I had a pretty crazy time here from feeding hyenas, to attempting to visit a brewery, and inadvertently getting someone arrested!  Read more to find out why. …

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Oct 06

thehotflashpacker Blog Gets a New Logo!

Before I announce my new logo, a few announcements: If you haven’t already, follow me on Instagram.  Soon you will see interesting shots from the horn of Africa. If you haven’t been to the website recently, you might want to check out the FREE STUFF page.  Not only can you get discounts, if you use …

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Aug 23

TheHotFlashPacker’s Great American Total Eclipse 2017 Experience

Anyone who knows me, knows I like unusual stuff.  The rarer, the better.  The 2017 Great American Eclipse had been on my radar for over a year, but after visiting the NASA Center in Huntsville, Alabama in May, I knew I had to see the eclipse.  There other travel bloggers and I met with a …

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May 29

Camping in Komodo Park (Being chased by a Komodo Dragon when it’s that time of the month)

Visiting the Komodo Dragons has been a long-time dream of mine.  There’s something so interesting about seeing the deadly world’s largest lizard.  They have a poisonous venom that kills large prey slowly and then the dragon can eat the animal, bones and all.  Komodos typically eat once a month and will eat 80% of their …

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Apr 24

Traverse City State Hospital Extended Tripod Photography Tour (Sanity Check)

Last year, I really enjoyed visiting the deserted buildings of Pripyat, Ukraine in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.  So, when I heard about the Traverse City State Hospital Extended Tripod Photography Tour with a professional photographer at the deserted buildings of the Traverse City State (Mental) Hospital, I had to go.  These tours only run a …

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