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Amazing train trips by TheHotFlashPacker

Apr 17

Amtrak Across America (Subtitle: I’m Going to WIN!)

Traveled April, 2017 My trip on the Amtrak Empire Builder started at one of the two west coast hubs – Seattle.  The other being Portland.  These two trains connect in Spokane, WA and then make their way to Chicago. Seattle has the great old King Street station.  Our departure time was scheduled for 4:40 but …

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Apr 08

Road and Train to Churchill, Manitoba (Subtitle: The Looooong Journey to Churchill)

Churchill is known as “The polar bear capital of the world” and I wanted to go there in late summer.  My parents live just south of Manitoba in Minnesota so I asked if they would like to road trip to Churchill and they joined me for the adventure. There are not many ways to get …

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Mar 31

Xi’an, China (Subtitle: Warrior Pose)

Traveled Aug, 2012 Edna and I said goodbye in Beijing because she had to go home.  I stayed for a glorious smog-free day in Beijing and then continued with an overnight train to Xi’an.  Although I had a berth for this overnight ride, it was the 3rd (top) bunk.  I made sure I didn’t drink …

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