June 2017 archive

Jun 22

Timor Leste Travel (My Crazy Journey to Jaco Island)

If I had to choose two words for Timor Leste Travel (formerly East Timor), it would be “Frustratingly Fantastic”.  As the newest country in Asia – it just turned 15 years old – it’s building its infrastructure.  There are very few tourists in this beautiful country, so traveling around isn’t so easy.  But the natural …

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Jun 20

Kupang to Dili Bus (Now even see more of West Timor)

There are no direct flights from Kupang to Dili, even though they are the capitals and largest islands on the two halves of Timor Island, West Timor (Indonesia) and Timor Leste (formerly “East Timor”).  Possibly the best way to go from Kupang to Dili is to take the Kupang to Dili Bus, or shuttle bus …

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Jun 08

West Timor Tour (How to See More in West Timor)

West Timor is generally off the tourists’ radar when in Indonesia.  Other islands such as Java, Bali, Lombok, and Sumatra are thousands of times more likely to be visited to Timor.  That was part of my draw to this area, as I was looking to get off the tourist trail.  It’s difficult to do this …

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Jun 04

Things to Do on Flores Island other than Komodo National Park

Every tourist you meet on Flores Island has visited or is on their way to Komodo National Park for its wildlife both on land and in sea.  But Flores Island has so much more to offer.  There are many Things to Do on Flores Island other than Komodo National Park. See if you think so …

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