Mar 21

Mud Volcanoes Azerbaijan (Gobustan)

If you’re looking for a unique place to visit, the Mud Volcanoes Azerbaijan in Gobustan were my highlight of Azerbaijan.

As we departed Baku, we were stuck in traffic for a bit but arrived at our campsite near the mud volcanoes around 3pm. We hiked up a hill and started to look at the various mud volcanoes. Some were just bubbling puddles, but others were conical shaped volcanoes with mud bubbling and flowing from the craters like lava.

Look at this amazing mud bubble popping action! You can see how oily it is.

Mud Volcanoes Azerbaijan

The mud and water, although bubbling, were about air temperature. The dried flows also looked like dried lava. What an amazing site. The mud kept on sticking to our shoes and my flip flops were so heavy and awkward, I ditched them to go barefoot in the mud.

The soft mud felt so great on the feet! There was one large pond that had lots of bubbles and Chris got a little too close and slipped in to her knees. Luckily, her camera was spared.

After setting up camp, I set off for a hill to watch the sunset. I returned to camp following a different route and I found a huge puddle filled with pure, black oil. This oil was originating from less than 6 inches below the crust of the earth.

After dark, we had a view of a flaming oil pipe and some lit up oil tanks. Our dinner was veggie stir fry with almonds and rice.

Steps: 19,876

Wed, Nov 13

It was a warm 59 degrees in the morning – our warmest camping night since Nepal in September. For this leg of the trip, I’ve been assigned the task to gather firewood and fill the water tanks so I no longer am packing the bags every morning. Therefore, I asked to walk ahead down the road and be picked up by the truck. Today’s drive would be about 6 hours to the city of Sheki.

Traveled November 2013

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