Mar 25

Cave Graves (Destination: Sagada & Baguio, Philippines)

Traveled Nov, 2011


The jeepney trip took much of the day.  We stopped at one point and saw these Filipino soldiers practicing on a hill.  Instead of weapons/guns, they practiced with small logs.

In Sagada, I met up with the French guys in Sagada.  We hiked down to the burial cave to see the coffins.

We later went to dinner and then had a couple beers at a little Rasta bar before saying goodbye.  They were leaving the next morning.

The next morning, I went to the Yogurt house to have yogurt, granola and mountain tea – yummy.



I meet a Canadian named Ron and we decided to get a guide from the local guide service.  He took us to a church and an overlook of Echo Valley where we could see the hanging coffins.

Next, we hiked to see a waterfall.  It was interesting to hear the life of Ron.  Ron was a retiree who was traveling the world to meet foreign women.  He had been in Mexico with a Mexican woman but had moved on to other countries before ending in the Philippines where he was on the search for a Filipino girlfriend.  That night, we joined nearly every other tourist staying in town at the Log Cabin Saturday night buffet.  A French chef had been cycling in the Philippines 10 years earlier and just decided to stay in Sagada.  Although we had made reservations a day earlier, I ended up at a table with Ron and a guy that had been on my Jeepney the previous day, as well as all the other solo travelers in town (6 of us).  We ate and ate and stayed until 10pm talking.

The next day was Sunday so I stopped again at the Yogurt house and then attended church services.  Half of the service was in English, including the hymns.

In the afternoon, everyone in the Philippines was watching boxing, where there native Pacquiao was boxing against Martinez.  I met up with Ron and the Slovakian for another dinner at the Log Cabin that night.

The next day I caught the bus to Baguio.

The vegetable terraces along the way were fascinating and I arrived in Baguio around 2.  After a snack of a halo-halo (shaved ice with cream, jellies, ube paste, ube ice cream, red beans, and granola), I visited the Baguio museum and cathedral.

Next, I stopped at the mall to use up a few hours – I saw Puss in Boots in 3D, ate some junk food (the “special” at the cinema is a combo of popcorn, drink, and a donut for a couple dollars) and did some internet.  There’s a nice view of the city from the terrace at the mall.

At 11:15, I caught the Express bus back to Manila.