Mar 12

Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp (Sand, Sand and more Sand)

After 2 days in Petra, we caught the bus to Wadi Rum.  This bus is great – cheap and it picked us up at our hotel.


We had booked a full day and night jeep tour of Wadi Rum with Bedouin Directions.  We had been told that a couple were arriving the same day and would share the cost of the tour so we drank Bedouin tea and we waited and waited and waited…  After a couple hours of waiting we decided to set out without this couple.  We stopped at a spring but it was already getting hot and we didn’t have the energy to climb the large boulders to the spring.

We drove to see other rock formations and stopped to climb a large dune.  After the climb, we were driven to a shady spot between several large cliffs for lunch.  Our driver laid out a straw mat and cooked us a hot lunch.  The heat was pretty unbearable and I was so tired I fell asleep.  Somehow I slept almost 2 hours!

Eventually he woke us up and we went to feed some camels.

We also stopped for some other rock formations, rock art, and a couple short hikes.

We met two guys that were on a half day tour and the four of us drove up a red sand dune for the magic hour and then on to a rock to watch the sunset.

We drove further to our camp surrounded on all sides by rock.  We had a Bedouin BBQ of chicken and vegetables for dinner and then sat out under the stars to talk and drink Bedouin tea.

We put our beds outside of rooms so we could sleep in the cool desert air and watch the stars before we fell asleep.  I woke up the next morning and climbed a hill to watch the sunrise, we had breakfast, and then the 4 of us drove back to town.  The tour company owner gave us a small discount for the fact that the others hadn’t shown yesterday and compensate for our wait.

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