Mar 16

Scandinavian Capital (Destination: Oslo)

Traveled July, 2014

We found plenty to stay busy on the full day of sailing from Bergen to Oslo and Mom’s choir gave a performance in the foyer.

In Oslo, Mom and I had a big walk planned for today and Dad decided to take a day of rest.  We walked past the Nobel Prize building

And the royal palace

all the way to Vigeland Park, a park with 100’s of statues of humans.  There were many busloads of people there and we ran into several people we knew from the ship.

From there we walked back to town and stopped in the National Gallery to view more art and Sunday’s were free!  We walked all the halls and spent sometime in the Munch room, viewing his famous paintings of Madonna and The Scream!

From there we headed to the Ice bar for a drink in the frozen room with a few sculptures – about $26 to suit up in a big winter jacket for a single drink of about 3 ounces of wine cooler!  What a tourist trap!  But, Mom had been talking about it for the whole cruise so I guess it was worth to visit once.


Further in town, we visited a cathedral,

the modern opera house,

and a fort next to the ship.

On the last day at sea, my progressive trivia team took top honors on the cruise.  We sailed by many oil rigs and saw a most amazing sunset – the first sunset in about 10 days and the first time it got dark at night in about 10 days!  It was a nice ending to a good cruise.

Perk of the cruise – the served these huge Norwegian cheese wheels.

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